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Venenzentren Schweiz
Venenzentren Schweiz

Our services
For your treatment

You receive diagnostics, treatment and follow-up care here from a single provider. That way we can offer a safe treatment that is perfectly suited to your needs.

We are specialised in swollen legs caused by: 

  • Varicose veins

  • Venous thrombosis

  • Lipoedema

  • Lymphoedema

  • Leg ulcer

  • Vein valve defects in the pelvis (pelvic congestion syndrome)

  • Venous deformities

Venenzentren Schweiz
Venenzentren Zug für die Behandlung von Krampfadern, Venen, geschwollenen Beinen und weiteren Anliegen
Venenzentren Schweiz

From diagnosis
to treatment

Thorough ultrasound diagnostics are the most important foundation for individual treatment planning. The results are discussed with you right away at the same visit and we advise you on the treatment options.


Our many years of experience in surgery and phlebology, as well as our diverse treatment options benefit each of our patients. We use the latest techniques and demand the greatest degree of precision in their application. Cosmetic and aesthetic issues are not neglected either.


At the Venenzentrum Zug all of the vein procedures are performed in an outpatient setting in modern surgery facilities with an adjoining recovery area. We are supported by our experienced anaesthesiologists.

Depending on your condition, your treatment options include:

Varicose veins

  • Micro / sclerotherapy in liquid and foam technique 

  • Microsurgical techniques (phlebectomy)

  • Minimally invasive procedures (laser, radiofrequency, etc.)

  • Classic varicose vein surgery (stripping)

  • Vein-retaining surgery (valvuloplasty)


  • Conservative therapy with multi-modal treatment plan (compression consultation, personalised fitness plan, nutritional advice)

  • Surgical treatment with (complex) liposuction


  • Decongestive therapy

  • Surgical procedures (e.g. lymph node transplantation)


  • Diagnosis

  • Treatment

We will gladly advise you on any questions you may have and will offer you our full support. We look forward to hearing from you!

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