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Professional, personal, committed

Our team provides professional care for your health. It’s important to us that you feel safe and well for your recovery. That is why we include your personal needs in our treatment. You are in good hands with our committed doctors and care team.
We offer consultation in the following languages: DE, ENG, ITA, FRA, ESP, NL.

 Dr. med Simone Deyle

Dr. med. Simone Deyle

Specialist for Surgery FMH,

Specialisation in Phlebology USGG

Languages: DE, ITA, ENG, FRA, ESP


Following my general studies in vascular surgery, I have dedicated a good 10 years to my greatest passion, phlebology. With this specialisation I was able to gain a great amount of experience in treating vein problems that will benefit all of our patients.


I strive to provide medical consultation at the highest level and to take the time to consider my patients’ individual needs in their treatment. The cosmetic result is of utmost importance here as well. My day to day work demonstrates compassion, attention to detail, precision and an untiring commitment.


With the opening of the Vein Centre Zug in 2018 I was able to realise my vision of specialised and holistic treatment in a relaxed and modern environment with dependable partners, just as I had always envisioned. 

Prof. Dr. med. Goetz Andreas Giessler

Facharzt für Plastische und Ästhetische Chirurgie, Zusatzbezeichnung Handchirurgie, FEBOPRAS

Sprachen: DE, ENG

Prof. Dr. med. Giessler ist einer der am breitesten ausgebildeten Plastischen Chirurgen Europas. Er besitzt die deutsche und europäische Facharztanerkennung und zudem die volle Weiterbildungsermächtigung in Plastischer- und Ästhetischer Chirurgie und Handchirurgie. Seine langjährige Aus- und Weiterbildung basiert auf diversen Forschungs- und klinischen Stipendien und Fellowships unter anderem an der Mayo Clinic, Johns Hopkins University und Harvard. Er ist zudem eingeladenes Mitglied des Alpine Workshops of Plastic Surgery und Mitglied vieler nationaler und internationaler Fachgesellschaften.

In meinem Beruf widme ich mich mit meinem ganzem Herzen und meinem technischen Können der massgeschneiderten Lösung für die ästhetischen und rekonstruktiven Wünsche meiner Patienten. Sie können von mir ein fundiertes Wissen, eine präzise chirurgische Technik und sicheres ästhetisches Verständnis bei ehrlicher Aufklärung erwarten. Als Pilot und langjähriger Bergrettungsarzt sind mir Offenheit und Kommunikation in einem Team extrem wichtig und lebe dies auch intensiv gegenüber meinen Patienten.

Silke Schuchtrup
Dr. med. Christine Grigelat

Dr. med. Christine Grigelat

Specialist for Surgery FMH, 

Specialisation in Vascular Surgery EBSQ


Languages: DE, ITA, FRA, ENG


My work as a vascular surgeon gives me something new every day and is one of my biggest passions. The special thing about this field is that the treatment of venous and arterial diseases requires a high degree of precision and a great deal of commitment. That has the highest priority for me, in order to provide each patient with the exactly right treatment that takes their individual needs into account.


My many years of experience in general surgery and the networking with our colleagues from other fields are the crucial foundations for comprehensive treatment. My day is a success if the patient feels well informed and well taken care of.


Prof. Dr. med. Holger Engel

Specialist for Plastic, Reconstructive and 

Cosmetic Surgery, Hand Surgery, FACS


Languages: DE, ENG


For me, I’ve had a successful day at work when I can conduct the medical consultation and treatment at a level that meets my own expectations. I see myself as a consultant and person of confidence to my patients. A quality consultation requires time, which I can gladly spend. My main concerns at work are openness, authenticity and empathy to my patients. 


Since obtaining my doctorate, I have been fascinated by microsurgery and transplant medicine. I consider myself to be quite lucky to have learned from the great masters of plastic surgery at work and during my training.

Prof. Dr. med. Holger Engel

Daniela Nussbaumer

Expertin für



Selina Graf



Nina Müller

Technische Operationsfachfrau HR


Irene Sgier


(Standort Zug, Luzern)


Concetta Arlotto



Stephan Läderach

 Personal Coach für Ernährung und Fitness


Dr. med. Petra Voglauer

Fachärztin Anästhesie FMH


Tamara Bachmann

Medizinische Praxisassistentin


We look forward to hearing from you!

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